A project produced in an interview process for a furniture design job at Anthropologie headquarters Philadelphia in 2017. I was the final applicant along with one person from the US. I was told due to Visa's expenses and restrictions it was more practical for them to go with the US candidate but they were keen to keep in touch for the future.  

Summery of my response to the briefs given by Anthoplogie. 


From first hand research in UK Anthropologie stores, talking to customers and employees I have made a collection of furniture and lighting for both an Optimist and Artist. The pieces within this collection can be placed together in one room or separately, reflecting the clients taste and needs. 

I chose the lounge area for the optimist as I feel this is the room which best reflects the optimist consumers heart of the house; it’s a place to entertain guests and show their taste. For the Artist consumer, I chose the office as it doesn’t have to be contained to one separate room, office furniture can be placed in main living spaces such as the lounge, kitchen, alcoves or in its own individual room, I enjoy the opportunity for office furniture to have its own environment within another.

I have designed a lounge chair, ceiling lighting, table and table light for the Optimist, these can sit together in the centre of the room, providing a functional use and alone are all stand out pieces without overpower each other when together. I wanted to reflect the Optimist through materials, colours and form, choosing to use a velvet crushed raspberry and turquoise fabric that can be changed to the client’s requirements and copper or brass metal back/support. The ceiling light is simple in form and colour, however holds a unique structure, looking like it’s balancing itself with a sculptural form. The table can be made from brass or copper with a heavy iron base, the top being removable, minimising space for transportation. The collection is finished with a marble table (desk) light with a LED which sits inside the marble base and then fills up the round glass lamp shade with light, making a sculptural piece for the centre of the room as well as functional.

For the Artist collection I have designed a large glass top desk with simple walnut trestles, the glass can be sat on top with some clear sticky pads placed underneath to stop movement. The desk chair correlates with the desk, with walnut moulded plywood black, leather upholstery and tubular steel legs reflecting sophistication and style. The collection is finished with some folded sheet shelves that screw onto the wall and allow the client to personalise their shelving system picking the colours and where they would like to place them on their wall. The client can also choose from a range of colours which the folded sheet steel is powder coated with to correlate with the environment they sit in. I have also correlated the wall light with the shelving system so that that the wall doesn’t become too busy, the wall light has a powder coated steel wall mount, tubular steel, adjustable neck and copper lamp shade with a E27 bulb. The collection is finished off with a floor light featuring an oversized copper lampshade, not only will this light provide good lighting needed in the office space however, it will also provide a unique element to the home. Again using an E27 bulb perhaps with a filament to give the light an extra hidden feature.

I have shown early research, sketches, technical drawings and CAD renders to quickly display these ideas.