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Looking into how to visualise metaphors using only tools as the object described to better understand a figure of speech. I felt I could use objects as metaphors to better understand their meaning and play with them visually. The first one I tried was ‘Making a mark on’. I liked this metaphor because it uses the hammer, a tool with force to make impact. The wire replicating the fingerprint came out quite well but needed a bit more time rather then force to make it work. 


I ended up using a ladder as my mechanism or tool to visualise a metaphor. I like it’s simplicity, the automatic knowledge of how it works. ‘The ladder of life’ or ‘corporate ladder’ is relatable to most people. 

Below is where I started researching into ladders, how they’ve been used in the past for designs, games and used as a representation for something else. They have an interesting language to them.

When you use it, you can feel how fragile it is, the thin dowel bending beneath your weight. The sound of it snapping and shaking when you try and balance yourself with each movement. It actually turned out a lot weaker then I meant it to be however, I like that fact and how it reflects the unpredictability of what you may see something turning into and the reality of the outcome.