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Storm Gauge which predicts weather changes and the potential to effect your body. Similar to the storm glass that doesn't have much reliability, similar to human bodily changes and emotions. However, the small indication it does give is enough to put your mind at ease with the changes in your body.

My interest was in the UK’s obsession with the

weather in everyday conversation. Fig 1 shows a Barometer, it’s such a beautiful and interesng piece of design. Made in a classic banjo Victorian style, a piece of decor. However, in this day and age the real use for it in the household are almost nil.

Barometers use mercury to measure atmospheric pressure to then determine changes in the weather.

I then became interested with this change of pressure and it’s effect on people. The human body has been known to react to changes in air pressure quite dramatically. From headaches, to arthritis and even blood pressure.