About The Project

A project given to us by Matter of Stuff during a trip to Tuscany to learn about marble, (to see more go my blog page showing the trip in more detail). This project was a collaborative project with Fern Toynton and Georgia Risley.


Tableware is constantly interacted with during the dining experience. This makes the touch and the materials of the object essential. Marble offers these qualities being heavy, smooth and cool to one's touch. Marble has been used throughout history in Architecture. The collection of tableware has been inspired by architectural motifs we saw on our trip to Italy. This also gives reference to Matter of Stuff's architectural background.

Due to the abundance of architectural motifs, this gives opportunity for future ranges of objects, not just tableware. Such as bookends and other domestic items. These objects can be water jet cut out of one piece of 30mm marble, making every set of tableware a unique family due to the unique slab. 

A project based on our trip to Tuscany with MOS (see blog) with Fern Toynton and Georgia Risley. We have also been offered the opportunity to get these pieces made and sold on Matter of Stuff's website, therefore this project is still in progress to completion by the end of 2017.