Introduction to project

The work place can become uninspiring because of its formal layout and therefore stunt creativity. From research in cafes, offices, universities and schools, seating in third spaces can provide an important part of the daily work process, supplying a break from routine and a space to be less formal in. Therefore, creating a solution that gives an individual a space they can feel comfortable in and use as they wish, away from the desk, can benefit the health of the mind at work. 


Hiatus, like its name, allows a break in continuity from the formal work desk, providing a solution for young professionals in need of a relaxed space to feel more at home in. Hiatus has found a middle ground between productivity and comfort, completed with a round 

upholstered seat, large bolster and circular wooden surface it provides a place for miscellaneous tasks. Hiatus not only works in an office environment but can also can be placed in schools, airports, cafés and at home.  


With its bold form and block colours Hiatus is a new archetype, not quite resembling a standard chair, nor an armchair, this piece of furniture supplies an informal, formal area. It is designed to be easily manufactured using standardised parts and simply bolted together 

from three separate pieces (seat/bolster/table), making production as quick and cost efficient as possible.