Marble Workshop Tuscany

In March 10 students from Kingston and 10 from Camberwell were picked to visit Tuscany for a week long marble workshop hosted by Matter of Stuff. We had the opportunity to visit and meet designers, quarries, workshops and more. In groups of three we designed tableware throughout the duration of the week and for three weeks afterwards, on March 24th our presentations will be handed in to be judged and two winners picked to have their designs put into production. The winners will be announced in May 2017.

The itinerary for the week was as follows;

Monday 20th March 2017- Carrara - Introduction to Marble We will all meet at Pisa airports around 12 o’clock. Visit to the Carrara marble workshops and its machinery guided by Marble Designer Moreno Ratti Group formation.

Tuesday 21th March 2017- Carrara and Montalcino - Quarries and marble Quarries visit and Visit to the studio of a sculptor guided by Marble Designer Moreno Ratti Transfer to Montalcino.

Wednesday 22th March 2017- Montalcino - Tableware Design Lectures by Alessandro Zambelli and by Creative Chef Jasper Udink Ten Cate on Food Design Groupwork.

Thursday 23th March 2017 - Montalcino - The Use of Materials in Design Lecture by Studio Irvine Cristina Felici lecture on design and archeology Groupwork.

Friday 24th March 2017 - Montalcino - Presentation of final designs and announcement of winning projects Lecture by Giovanni Cutolo, followed by Group work Presentation to the Jury.

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